Legacy Eagle

slide-1Legacy Eagle is a 590 acre, planned Community development located in west Eagle, Idaho. It was developed as a residential community that focused around a number of water amenities and recreational facilities.   The project began construction in 2006. Numerous water features including the beautiful entry way and a 7 acre pond have been constructed. Developed recreational facilities include a 24- acre thre-ehole executive practice golf course, four tennis courts, a swimming facility with clubhouse and soccer fields.

Lots in Phase 1 and 2 are completed and unavailable. Phase 3 will offer 19 1/2–acre lots. 12 of the 19 lots abut the 2-4 acre three-hole executive practice golf course. Reservations are now being accepted for Phase 3 lots. Phase 4 lots will follow which include waterfront lots abutting the existing 7 acre pond.  Phase 5 is now underway and construction will begin soon.

Amenities Include but are not limited to:

  • Four tennis courts
  • 24-acres three hole executive practice golf course
  • Swimming facility with clubhouse
  • Soccer fields
  • Landscaping and water features

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