Best Of Houzz 2015 Award

Paragon Homes, LLC of Eagle, Idaho Receives
Best Of Houzz 2015 Award

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Eagle, Idaho USA, January 19, 2015 – Paragon Homes, LLC of Eagle, Idaho has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” for Design & Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The “Age In Place Leader in Idaho, was chosen by the more than 25 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 500,000 active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.

The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Design and Customer Satisfaction. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 25 million monthly users on Houzz, known as “Houzzers.” Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2014. Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2015” badge on their profiles, helping Houzz users around the world who discover and love a professional’s work to learn even more about that business’ popularity and satisfaction rating among their peers in the Houzz community.

Paragon Homes, LLC  “Quality You Can Afford To Live In”

“Houzz provides homeowners with a 360 degree view of home building, remodeling and design industry professionals, empowering them to engage the right people and products for their project,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of industry marketing for Houzz. “We’re delighted to recognize [Paragon Homes, LLC] among our “Best Of” professionals as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”

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About Paragon Homes, LLC
Like most relationships, a positive home-building experience is accomplished with meticulous attention to construction detail as well as frequent, proactive communication. We are also guided by an underlying customer philosophy that encourages our associates to treat each home-buyer individually, with respect, courtesy and prompt attention to their needs. We believe in dealing honestly and fairly with each home-buyer, working hard to earn your trust, keeping our commitments, striving to improve, and being considerate and understanding in all our interactions. With over 35 years combined experience in all aspects of the home-building process, the owners and founders of Paragon Homes understand what it takes to earn your trust and maintain relationships.

About Houzz
Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a room to building a custom home, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to find inspiration, get advice, buy products and hire the professionals they need to help turn their ideas into reality. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Houzz also has international offices in London, Berlin and Sydney. For more information, visit

Realtors Pinpoint Top 10 Housing Markets for Baby Boomers

As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement, many will consider the prospect of relocating. But whether that decision is fueled by warmer climates, affordability or greater job opportunities for older adults, new data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows which markets may attract the most boomers in the coming years.

NAR analyzed current p013_Kitchenopulation trends, housing affordability and local economic conditions in metropolitan areas across the U.S. to determine housing markets most likely to see a boost in sales from boomers.

Areas at the top of the list are primarily those with a lower cost of living and sunnier weather—optimal locations for baby boomers to purchase homes as they delay retirement and remain as participants in the workforce, according to the NAR analysis.

“A broadly improving economy and rebounding home prices are giving baby boomers the opportunity to sell and move to support their retirement lifestyles,” said NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun in a written statement. “Furthermore, our research identified cities movers are gravitating to while still remaining in the workforce as a business owner.”

The two standout markets positioned to see an influx of boomer homebuyers, thanks to favorable cost of living, housing affordability and inventory availability, include Boise, Idaho and Raleigh, North Carolina.

In the Boise City-Nampa, Ida. metro area, the share of baby boomer movers to movers of any age (between 2011-2013) is 7.85%, according to NAR data on the top markets. The area also had one of the highest housing inventory changes as supply grew 12.7% year-over-year in September 2014.

The Raleigh-Cary metro, on the other hand, reported the highest rating than any other market on NAR’s Housing Affordability Index at 206. The national average of the 100 metropolitan areas tracked by NAR was 198.46.

Other notable housing markets for boomers included three Florida metro areas (Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota); two markets in Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson); Albuquerque, New Mexico; Greenville, South Carolina; and Denver.

Similarly, markets like Dallas; Tampa, Fla.; and Riverside, Calif. also signal strong potential for attracting baby boomers, particularly because of their housing affordability, lower tax rates and welcoming business environment.

“With baby boomers working later in life, these factors will likely play as much of a deciding role of where boomers eventually retire as will areas with a warm climate or variety of outdoor activities,” Yun said.

Written by Jason Oliva


Housing Bust?

Lumber Prices nearing a 2 year low:

July 5, 2014

To my valued followers:

LumberI wanted to give a monthly snapshot as to what is going on in the Boise Idaho Treasure Valley New Home Building Market per my perspective with the caveat that I am a numbers guy and yet the eternal optimist. I always try to look at the glass as half full.

Lumber prices are low! The composite is at its lowest for the year, and very nearly the lowest in the last two years! The advantage to us as homebuilders is obvious; lumber prices are low enabling us to build homes at the lowest prices possible. I suppose what some folks would consider bad news because lumber prices are at their slumping level because the new home market is not at the rip-roaring pace that everyone expected it would be by this time. Producers have added capacity and demand has not consumed that capacity. Hence, lower commodity prices. This is not to say that the housing market is bad. In fact by most measures the housing market is decidedly not bad; it is actually good. Sales of both existing and new houses are up over last year in most of the markets we serve. We have watched a see-sawing effect of permits and starts for most of this year, but on the whole single family starts are holding tough. Property values have continued to improve. Months of supply remains low or both new and existing homes. Distressed properties have all but disappeared. Retail sales are up (a sign of consumer sentiment) and interest rates are low (averaging around 4.2% for a 30-year fixed over the past month.) Multi-family starts are simply exploding. Nonetheless, hand-wringing has commenced. Commentators and analysts are fairly desperate to declare a new housing blumber 2ubble bursting or the housing market to be on its deathbed. I suppose it is the nature of our industry to be nervous about the existing status, whatever that status happens to be. And who can blame us, right? I think this is a classic example of whether one views the glass as either half-full or half-empty. The reality is we (the homebuilding industry) are clicking along at a manageable pace and the economy is slowly but perceptibly improving from the longest and deepest recession in our lifetimes. I’ll take that any day of the week. It is a healthy rebound and clicking along at a manageable pace

Have a great July! Celebrate America!


Glade Poulsen

Pres.  Paragon Homes, LLC